Global Clean Energy Corporation

Our Team

Sheikh Mohammed Suleman

Sheikh Mohammed Suleman, an entrepreneur who has spent last 20 years building and developing global business management expertise, founded Global Clean Energy Corporation in 2010.

Mr. Suleman has a proven track record when it comes to identifying projects which require minimal investment, yet generate excellent returns.

For the past eleven years he has focused on the cultural and economic realities in the Middle East, Asia, the Indian sub-continent and Africa. Specifically, over the last three years, he has concentrated on understanding sustainable development and advising companies on improving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by reducing their carbon footprint and offsetting their carbon exposure.

Mr. Suleman earned his MBA in the USA in 1996 and a diploma from the Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom in 1988.

Thomas Bosse

Thomas Bosse is the Director of Global Clean Energy Corporation, responsible for managing and operating the company’s business in the energy and environmental sector. He has a special focus on renewable energies and emission reductions.

Mr. Bosse holds a Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. degree ( Industrial Engineering) in Energy and Environmental Management from Flensburg University, Germany.

He has specialized knowledge regarding the global carbon market and experience in originating, developing, implementing and operating clean energy environmental friendly projects.

Further senior staff includes a unique blend of European investment advisors and financial risk managers with experience in investments and financing of clean energy projects.